Frequently Asked Questions

Currently there is a few main players on the market who working in developing the odometer adjustment tools. They all claim "We are the best!" Please consider the following while selecting the appropriate supplier: price, software update flow and coverage to your region, options provided by tools such as ability to backup/transfer/edit files, ability to use tools as a stand-along programmer, tech support (!!!). Some companies ready to communicate only while you shopping the tools, but will be silent if you have technical questions! Keep it in mind. Smelecom is always online and provides customers with immediate assistance via Skype of email.

The current online market is full of fake and clone products. Smelecom tools are not an exclusion. To avoid cheating please advice with manufacture of the dealer you want to deal with.
Smelecom is the hardware and software development company and doesn't provide training or guiding customers how to run the business. However, you are welcome to address any of technical issues found while working with our tools to our tech support staff. We assume our tools designed for people with general to professional knowledge of computer, device programming and vehicles diagnostics.
Every single product on the site has the "Add to Card" button. Simple add the product you want to the shopping cart and process your secure payment. You will receive an order confirmation to your email.
All our tools have the interface to help communicate with unit via USB port. If you are the DSP3+ owner then connecting your tool to PC (Windows XP/7/8/10) will open Microsoft ActiveSync application and connect to your DSP3+ automatically as to any Windows based mobile devices. If you are the owner of old hand-held USAprog/DataSmart/VAGprog tool, then you need to install the "PC_link" software found on any Downloads tab under the product page that designed to communicate with your tool. The very last step for all tools is to select the Update menu and run an appropriate command such as Software Update/Active Function or any other ones.
To keep your transaction save we offer the wire transfer to USA bank or HSBC in Hong Kong as well as Email money transfer. We accept credit and debit card using secure PayPal payments processor.

Smelecom provides 1 years standard warranty on all products excluding software. The warranty product is subject to replace. Contact tech support team if you have any issues.

There is no special college courses so you are your own teacher! Nevertheless, the Web has plenty of information about this field, there are many specific Forums and Groups. Join them, meet other pros, share your experience, build your network... and people will help you!
Our tools are require activation on every 30 days. You simply need to run "Active Function" command found on menu and our server will send you a new file and activate your unit automatically. This feature is designed for your security in case you lost it or someone steal it from so this tool can be locked and nobody would be able to use it.
There is a few reasons why you would need to set a new odometer reading: Wrong tires size have been used; The odometer stopped registering the mileage after battery was discharged and the vehicle had been jump started or general electronic failure; New engine had been fitted; Custom instrument cluster to be assigned/installed on the vehicle.